You Pursue

My heart is lured away so easily 
Why can't I see, I just can't see 
My shame can hold me down and
Make me think you're out of reach
Just out of reach

Though I'm captured in the sin I chose to do 
You come rescue me and lead me back to the truth

When I'm out, when I'm cold, when I'm down 
God you still pursue me 
Through the day, through the dark, through the doubt 
God you still pursue me 
Even if I wanted to, I can't escape from you 
Even when I'm falling far... you pursue

My life is mine to hold when I'm alone
I'm in control, I crave control 
I hear the softest whisper in my soul
Just let it go... I'm letting go

Even when I see defeat is closing in
You come chasing after me again and again

Neither height nor depth or life or death
Could keep me from your relentless love
No, not sin or shame or guilt or blame
Could keep me from your relentless love

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© 2020 by OUT OF THE DUST