The truth is under attack

Deceptive schemes seems so pristine

We glean from newsfeeds and magazines

Just light a match and pour the gasoline

If we don’t identify the sly, poison lies disguised by vile devices

Truth is truth no matter what it is 

You can’t say mine is mine and his is his 

Emotional notions are a poor excuse for proof 

But that’s how some use half truths on you

Oh, there’s no time for blurring the lines

You can have your own opinion 

But you cannot have your own truth

The world is hard pushing back 

You tell me are we truly free to speak 

And say things that we believe

Will we surrender to the enemy

With a gun to my head 

Would I say what he said 

Would I sway from a threat or die for it

You’ll find there’s hope and peace

Free from complexity when you know the truth

You might find it in yourself

But it’s there from someone else

And when you know you’ll finally see

It will set you free 

Tony Tillman (Rap)

It’s the new age of manipulation

They so clever

I see wings but behind the scene

They so devil

They levitating

While telling me that I’m low level

You mean to tell me that Benz 

Gon make me roll better

OK that image got me shook like that

Empty my wallet for that product

I get took like that

Wanna be fly as Peter Pan 

Cause I’m hooked like that

Get liposuction if them pants

Make me look like that

Won’t be a slave to opinions

I’m annoyed

They words buggin

Claiming they got their own truth

The nerve of 'em

It’s so absurd to serve lies

That serve nothing

But you think truth is relative

Like my third cousin

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