Love Your Enemies

Love’s easy to say

When we think the same way

It’s harder to choose

When we can’t even agree what’s true

Labels, identities and opinions too

Everyone’s gotta pick a side

Tension is rising I know you feel it too

But love is the way to stem the tide

What good does it do

What good does it do

If you only love... those who love you

What good does it do

What good does it do

Cause sinners even do what you do

If you only love those who love you

Love your enemies 

Well I’ve been a fool

And I think I need a breakthrough

I finally see

That’s my brother staring back at me

Father forgive us we know not what we do

Ooo... we’re blinded by our pride

Keep us from turning friends into enemies

Love is what opens up our eyes

We’re not just good or bad, black and white

Love expands our hearts and our minds

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© 2020 by OUT OF THE DUST