How To Love

Salvage what we can from the wreckage
That was left from our mistakes
Take the dirt and slowly put it back

Into the hole that we have made
This is what we promised,

This is when we said that we would stay
We should just be honest on our own
We can't resuscitate

Though we're distant we're repentant
Jesus, lift us up 
Teach us how to love

Sifting through the ashes we find embers
Of what love can truly be
Even though we're broken

Hope is rising from humility
Hand-in-hand we face this

We are not a strand of two but three
We will overcome this 
Love is never too lost to redeem

Though we're distant we're repentant
Pride has no place here
No one's blameless we both need forgiveness
Jesus, lift us up

Love bears all things, believes all things 
Love hopes all things, endures all things
Love will never ever come to end
Love is patient has no envy 
Without love then we have nothing

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© 2020 by OUT OF THE DUST