Could a marriage ever be restored after divorce? 

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Chris & Stephanie Teague are the husband & wife duo Out of the Dust, who began and continue their lives just outside of Nashville, TN. After growing up in church and marrying young, Chris slowly and quietly lost all faith in God during college. Even while slipping deeper into drugs & every other whim of his heart, he secretly managed an alter ego for years around church friends, family, and even Stephanie. Finally, everything surfaced one Thursday night in January 2010 as Stephanie’s life unraveled before her eyes. Their young marriage quickly collapsed in divorce as Chris walked away from God, friends, and everything he had built with Stephanie. What happened next can’t be called anything other than a miracle. His independence very rapidly found him in the most desperate and heartsick place of his life, and it was there that he was shown the depth of his selfishness and pride.  Incredibly, God mended their hearts, restored their marriage, and still continues to breathe new life into their story today. “Our desire is to be faithful stewards of our story and let the music we create move people toward love, life, and hope no matter where it meets them in the journey." After more than a decade of experience leading worship, placing 2nd in GMA’s national band/duo competition in 2011 is what finally led them to begin writing and performing as Out of the Dust.

From coast to coast, Out of the Dust has been resonating with audiences as Chris and Stephanie share their real-life story of downfall, heartbreak, and miraculous redemption that is woven deep into the fabric of their music. It is one that has been shared all over the world through outlets such as Fox News, The 700 Club, and Family Life Today. Chris and Stephanie's story carries a message of restoration that is artistically delivered in their music—a mix of indie, folk, and pop styles that is stirring, thoughtful, and uniquely their own. Their influences range from the intricate lyricism and ambience of Fleet Foxes to the fun, quirky melodies of Ingrid Michaelson and the skillful guitar arrangements of John Mayer. The 11 songs on their debut self-titled album Out of the Dust were birthed from a difficult and raw time in their lives, including their separation, divorce, and remarriage. Their lyrics address not only the pain and reality that life brings, but the hope and healing that Jesus offers. Out of the Dust is a vulnerable portrait of the brokenness and uncertainty found in the human experience, yet it offers hope and redemption to an aching world. Their forthcoming sophomore album Now More Than Ever is set to release later this year.


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