Life is more than simply chasing after things I think I need 
It's not about me, it's not about me, it's not about me
Everyday I slave in search for what will make me be okay
There's only one thing, there's only one thing, there's only one thing

Lord awaken, Lord awaken me from sleeping endless dreaming
You can take me, you can make me so much more
Lord, just let me be all that I am made for

My eyes are finally wide you've opened them
to see my foolish pride
It was all about me, all about me, all about me
I give my life away and fall upon your mercy and your grace
You're all that I need, all that I need, all that I need

Awake, oh sleeper, come to life
We are the children of the light
Awake, oh sleeper, come to life
Resist this world and shine a light


What can I say when I have nothing to say
I am afraid we're headed for dead ends and graves
But I know the road is marked for me
And I'll go wherever you will lead

Keep me close, keep me close to you
Father lead, Father lead me through
Lead me through...

What will I say when every blue turns to gray
Could I be brave or will waters wash me away
Cause I know your purpose anchors me
And you hold me through this restless sea

You hold my hand through the unknown...


Salvage what we can from the wreckage
That was left from our mistakes
Take the dirt and slowly put it back into 
The hole that we have made
This is what we promised this is when
We said that we would stay
We should just be honest on our own
We can't resuscitate

Though we're distant we're repentant
Jesus, lift us up 
Teach us how to love

Sifting through the ashes we find embers
Of what love can truly be
Even though we're broken hope is rising
From humility
Hand-in-hand we face this we are not
A strand of two but three
We will overcome this 
Love is never too lost to redeem

Though we're distant we're repentant
Pride has no place here
No one's blameless we both need forgiveness
Jesus, lift us up

Love bears all things, believes all things 
Love hopes all things, endures all things
Love will never ever come to end
Love is patient has no envy 
Without love then we have nothing


My heart is lured away so easily 
Why can't I see, I just can't see 
My shame can hold me down and
Make me think you're out of reach
Just out of reach

Though I'm captured in the sin I chose to do 
You come rescue me and lead me back to the truth

When I'm out, when I'm cold, when I'm down 
God you still pursue me 
Through the day, through the dark, through the doubt 
God you still pursue me 
Even if I wanted to, I can't escape from you 
Even when I'm falling far... you pursue

My life is mine to hold when I'm alone
I'm in control, I crave control 
I hear the softest whisper in my soul
Just let it go... I'm letting go

Even when I see defeat is closing in
You come chasing after me again and again

Neither height nor depth or life or death
Could keep me from your relentless love
No, not sin or shame or guilt or blame
Could keep me from your relentless love


There's a storm on the sea, courage has faded 
The waves swell and I can't tell if I'll make it
Fear feels like a friend, doubt is my shipmate
But you're so at peace, you wipe my cheek
As I hear you say...

Why are you so afraid 
Let your heart hear me and calm the waves 
Though your fears may shout, I'll be the whisper
Here in the heart of the storm 
I'll carry you safe to shore

Hope is all that I have out in this ocean 
Oh, I'm lost at sea but I can see the horizon
Fear tries to sink in, water starts rising 
But from the deep soft and sweet is the song you sing

...I'll carry you


I'll never hide my love from you 
My heart will ever be in fullest bloom
When winter flowers shy from summer's view 
I'll never hide my love from you

I'll never leave, my dear, it's true 
As sure as Earth has her faithful Moon 
My breath begone before I'm gone from you 
I'll never leave I promise you

The night was dark and hopes were few 
Our hearts held captive in solitude
But our redemption skies are brightest blue
From the dust he made us new


What are you running from
What are you running towards
What has your life become
What are you searching for

Life can have such sad distractions
Why can't we be still and...

Slow down
Catch a breath and breath now
See the ending, ask the question
Will this matter then
What am I doing

Consider your state of mind
Is this where you saw yourself
Is your heart content
Or do you need something else

Peace will find you in the quiet
Everything else can wait so...


I beg for peace you give for free
Cause I've created war
Where you have won before
I'm wrapped inside my own twisted games
Where change brings the same
And oh, I'm so alone

I sold my heart for bribes and lies
And empty promises
It was the kiss of death
My imprisoned mind and my bridled tongue
I can't overcome and I know I won't

Lift your head
My arms are open
Come find rest
The war you fight is won

But the battle rages on...

I feel the flood of blood that reached
A desperate heart that wouldn't beat
And I am swimming up the stream
But feel you push against my feet
So as the battle rages on
I see the breaking of the dawn
The cold and bitter dark of night is gone

Love has won


They say our moments should go blissfully slow
So why do they always quickly burn away
Tell me why time it flies kiss it goodbye
The days when you're with me seconds oh, it seems

And it's so hard to kiss while I smile

Cause I light up when you're around
The darkness fades and
You send me up to the clouds
The sun has been replaced by your light
So bright it's easy to see
You're so hot that you illuminate me

It's more that just love you put fire in me
The nearer you're to me the more intense the heat
It may be strange but you've changed my chemistry
Our elements unite reaction I ignite

I'm the wood and you're the spark
You engulf my heart
The way you fan my flame
You're the charge and I'm the filament
Can't overstate my sentiment
You lit me up and set my heart ablaze

One Breath

One breath, breathe in
See the world as it is
A majestic mysterious miracle
Dawn breaks, wake up
Everyday I'm reminded
That you are behind it creating all

The Universe bows at your majesty
Your elegance fills every void
Creation's song beckons my heart to sing
So, let everything in me rejoice

Just once look up
At a starry night sky
See infinite time right before your eyes
Moments pass by
But the thread that connects me
Through all of eternity starts right now

I could choose not to see all your complexity
Or I can pray to be given new eyes to see


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