This music video took almost 5 years to make. Not the filming or the production, but the story behind the song.

The institution of marriage is certainly under attack in this post-modern world. From 50 Shades of Grey to "I'm just not happy," our culture has devalued disregarded the value of lifelong commitment within the bonds of holy matrimony. Is there anyone unaffected by divorce in some way or another? Everyone knows someone, right? There's even the empty and flippant reality T.V. show "Untying The Knot," which adds loads of meaningful dialogue to the conversation, no doubt. The statistics are staggering, so the words "til death" must have some asterisk next to them with stipulations in the fine print, right? I mean, this wicked world of ours is trampling all over the God ordained, holy and pure, profoundly mysterious, soul to soul, beautifully-challenging-but-worth-it establishment of marriage, right... Right??


Our marriage was not immune.


No, as easy as it is to point a finger at the broken and crippled hearts of generations of failed marriages... ignorance, selfishness, pride, and "we're doing fine, thanks" destroyed our marriage. No one is immune from those things. In the grips of Chris' drug/emotional addiction and loss of faith, we experienced first hand just one of the many ways that the devil seeks to tear marriages apart. He won a battle. 

This mysterious union was once described by the apostle Paul as an analogy to Christ's union with His bride, the Church. What greater victory could the enemy seek than to distort and destroy this beautiful image of the Gospel? Thankfully, God is the better storyteller when we hand him the pen.

In February we celebrated our 4th "re-anniversary." It's our celebration of the 2nd and last time we'll ever say "I do." God saved us from ourselves and He saved our marriage. He reconciled our hearts to Him and to one another. It won't be the ending to everyone's story, but our unique journey shows God's glory of redemption in a way that can (hopefully) be a light to anyone. Because of His redeeming love in our lives, broken and hurting families can see that He takes us in whatever shape He finds us in and makes us new again. Whole and complete.

"Love is never too lost to redeem" is our flagship. And the events that led to this video were hard, but worth it. We are compelled to share this little glimpse of God's glory with whoever would listen. It's in THIS that any and all Christ followers can boast... redemption and reconciliation.

Chris + Steph

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