Your House Show Details

1. Can we allow fans to contact you if they want to come to your show? *
Your show is your own event that you are responsible for the guest list, but sometimes there are fans who see that we are playing in their city and are interested in attending a house show. We would display the event information on our website so they could click a link to email you for the address and more information.
Keep in mind that you will ask the guest to come an hour before the music starts, so an example would be: Guests are told to arrive at 6:30 (hang out, talk, eat snacks, and allow for latecomers), music starts at 7:30, concert ends at 8:30 (with hang time afterward).
3. Will this be a donation-based concert or do you wish to pay an honorarium? *
For those of you who are interested in paying an up-front honorarium in lieu of asking your guests to make a donation, we ask for a flat amount of $500 to cover our needs for the evening. We ask that the check be written to “Out of the Dust” and be given to us the night of the concert. If you would like to be emailed an invoice and/or contract, we will be happy to provide that.

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