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1. I have read the entire host guide and I'm on board! (If no, click the link at the top of this page) *
*** Outdoor locations MUST have an appropriate "rainy-day" alternate venue.
3. Which type of concert are you interested in? *
4. Do you anticipate there will be children at the event? *
5. Will we have access to your sound and video system? *
(Note: If yes, a sound person MUST be provided for sound check and concert)
6. Will you or anyone you know be able to provide a host home for us the night of the concert? *
This is not required by any means. However, we're able to do this donation-based tour largely because of the generous hospitality of our hosts!
7. Please check the days of the week that your church is available for a concert: *
(e.g. prior scheduled events, retreats, etc. – we need to know about all of these dates so we can avoid scheduling conflicts.)

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