Your Church Show Details

Can we direct fan to your church's website if they want to come to your concert? *
Your show is your own event that you are responsible for the guests, but sometimes there are fans who see that we are playing in their city and are interested in attending. We would set up the event information on our website so that they would be able to click a link to take them to your church's website for more information.
Please be specific so we can allow enough time for set up and sound check. If you have a "doors open" time, list that as well as the start time (example: "Doors at 6:30pm, concert starts at 7:00pm"). Some churches opt to have some fellowship time built in before the concert (such as a meal or snacks), so please let us know that in the space below as well (example: “guests will arrive at 6:00pm for a potluck dinner and the concert will begin at 7:00pm”).

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