"This very real-life story will encourage
any heart that's ever been broken."

Chris and Stephanie are the husband and wife duo, Out of the Dust, who began and continue their lives just outside of Nashville, TN. Their story of downfall, heartbreak, and miraculous redemption is woven deep into the fabric of their music. In the wake of their young marriage collapsing in divorce, God healed their hearts, restored their marriage and is still breathing new life into their story. After nearly a decade of singing and playing on worship teams, placing 2nd in GMA’s national band/duo competition in 2011 is what finally led them to begin writing and performing on their own. Today, the passion they share is to tell of God’s beautiful and majestic redemption through music that is thoughtful, provoking, and uniquely their own. “Our desire is to be good stewards of our story and let the music we create move people toward love, life, and hope no matter where it meets them in the journey.”

Influences range from the intricate lyricism and ambience of Fleet Foxes to the fun, quirky melodies of Ingrid Michaelson and the skillful, acoustic arrangements of John Mayer. Aptly named, their debut EP “One Mic, One Night” was recorded live around a single microphone in January 2014 as a nod to the perfectly unpolished artists they love. Just a year later, their forthcoming studio release “Lead Me Through” is a vulnerable portrait of the brokenness and uncertainty found in the human experience, yet it offers hope and redemption to an aching world. The album features sweeping arrangements of strings and instrumentation from skilled producer Joe Causey. It is the lifelong dream of it’s namesake and resonates deeply in their hearts. The single "All That I'm Made For" will be streaming here January 1st and will also be available for free download at Noisetrade.com. The full album releases February 3rd.

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